“Plano de Manejo Florestal Sustentável”

Our foundation for the EUTR*

Our Brazilian hardwoods are sourced exclusively from “Plano de Manejo Florestal Sustentável”. These are sustainable forestry management plans that ensure both legality and sustainability, preserve the tropical rainforests and prevent slash and burn.

Advantages for us, our customers and prospective customers. As an operator, we can reliably verify the provenance of the
Brazilian timber products imported into the EU.

As well as providing the supporting documents, we see it as our duty and responsibility to make onsite visits to our suppliers and their harvesting areas to satisfy ourselves that the timber is of legal provenance.

We are directly on site every year: Plano de Manejo Florestal Sustentável

Harvesting licence (e.g for Cumaru): each individual trunk on the forest map below has a number that is also entered in this harvesting licence.

* The Regulation 995/2010 (EU-TR), better known as the EU Timber Regulation, has been in force since 3 March 2013.

The forrest map – everything is measured exactly.

A year or two of preparatory work is necessary before the timber harvest can begin.

In the harvesting area, the forest technician in charge shows Milena Guhlich the forest map. Every individual tree and the infrastructure in the area shown has been charted.

A section of this forest map shows that, in line
with the map legend, every tree has been labelled
according to its category.

Labelling from A to Z

Labelling examples from the forest map:

Samentragender Baum Faellverbot

Árvore REMANESCENTE, proibido o corte =
tree with a ban on felling to safeguard stocks

Freigegebener Baum zu Fällen

Árvore ABATER = tree approved for felling

Stump marking (label)

Log marking (label)

Log records

If you would like to learn more about the legal origin of your wood, please do not hesitate to speak to us

“After the harvest, what remains in a ‘Plano de Manejo Florestal Sustentável’?”

A tropical rainforest still intact for flora and fauna!

The area must remain untouched for 25 years.

Intakter Wald im Manejo