Use it or lose it! Our collective responsibility

Those who erroneously boycott tropical wood are inevitably supporting its destruction through slash and burn.

Many settlers view the forest merely as a resource that can, or even must, be aggressively exploited. They talk of “making use of unproductive land”, and the vegetation is simply burned down and levelled by bulldozers. Once the land has been ‘cleaned’, as they say in Brazil, it is sold, usually to livestock holders for pasture or to the agri-food industry for farmland. Now soya is grown for export and cattle
graze where mighty forests once stood, from which large quantities of water evaporated, moved south in great cloud formations and fell as rain. Cattle ranching is one of the largest industry sectors in Brazil’s Amazon region.

Sustainable forestry management (Plano de Manejo)
allows the forests to retain their value and protects them from such deforestation.

You can also watch the fi lm “Sustainable tropical wood – USE IT OR LOSE IT”, which was made by a collaboration between the STTC and GD Holz (the German Timber Trade Federation).