This year we visited our sawmill partners and their harvesting areas again. Our journey lasted from 13 October to 16 November 2016.

A recently felled Jatobá tree

Transporting a Garapa trunk by skidder to the collection area

A skidder with a Garapa trunk

Measuring the logs

Maçaranduba log

Marking logs with trunk numbers

Log identification label

Entering the log details on a trunk list

Trunk list

Next to a Garapa log

In the esplanade (collection and loading area)

Loading the logs

A skidder transport track after completion of workings


Surrounded by butterflies

Uwe operating a CAT 320 chain excavator

Photographing the stump labels

Comparing geographical coordinates

Comparing geographical coordinates

Transporting the logs to the sawmill

Correctly labelled logs

Trees with red notices are protected species that are subject to a permanent ban on felling

Logs sorted according to species

Muiracatiara (Tigerwood) logs

Uwe and Mila in front of an Angelim Vermelho trunk

Mila in the esplanade

Monkeys cross the forest tracks

Kitchen and rest area for the forest workers

A school bus brings the cook’s son to the forest site

Inside the kitchen

Mila having lunch

A football pitch to give the forest workers a break from work

Forestry project bedrooms

Forestry management project maps

Comparing the logs with the forest maps

GPS map of the harvesting area

Trunk labels

Mila in an area where the timber harvest has been completed

Mila on a skidder track

Now it’s time to say good bye