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What our customers say about us

MAICURU customers value our punctual, accurate and honest way of working. Our business relationships, some of which go back many years, have demonstrated that we do not just take on the tasks associated with the EUTR in a professional manner, but also inform customers promptly and comprehensively about the different stages. Our strengths include the careful selection of suppliers and above all our quality control, which we undertake on site and in the relevant ports.

Last but not least, our love of WOOD, a natural resource, unites us with our customers and suppliers, along with our ecological and socially responsible way of thinking, which has always been at the heart of MAICURU. The many inspirational meetings we have had across two continents have given us the strength to continue this high level of personal commitment year after year.

“We have been working with MAICURU since 2015 and alongside the consistently high quality that comes from on-site quality control we value the smooth processing that culminates with delivery to our door. On top of that, Herr Guhlich always provides us with useful information about the market situation.”

Timber wholesaler, Luxembourg

“We value the high quality of your products (the most important thing) and the fact that this allows us to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Communication (on one occasion across the world) is also very good, whether via email or Facebook. The excellent documention, complete with photos, that shows us how our products pass through the different stages (checking, shipment etc.), is unique.”

Timber wholesaler, Rhineland Palatinate in southwestern Germany

“In July 2017 we received our first container of IPE decking. The quality was very good and as we were completely satisfied we have ordered a further container load for spring 2018. We particularly like Herr Uwe Guhlich’s passion for wood. Working with such competent suppliers is of huge advantage to us. We can recommend this company and its employees without hesitation.”

Timber wholesaler, Geneva in western Switzerland

“I think that the required basis of trust is simply there. At the beginning I had long discussions with Herr Guhlich in person, by telephone, by letter… This is how the trust grew and we have the feeling that it all just fits together!”

Timber wholesaler, Vorarlberg in western Austria